The internet has a new favorite dessert, and it’s perfect for the upcoming holidays. Hot chocolate bombs have taken over TikTok and Pinterest this past week — on TikTok alone, the hashtag #hotchocolatebombs has more than 13.9 million views.These dessert bombs take the classic comforting drink to the next level. Instead of serving the warm concoction as is, you pour steamed milk into a mug containing a molded ball of chocolate with a surprise (cocoa powder, marshmallows, sprinkles, and anything else you want) inside. As the warm milk heats the ball, it eventually opens up to reveal the treat inside. Not only are chocolate bombs  a fun, interactive way to enjoy the chocolate-y beverage, but they’re also surprisingly easy to make. 

In fact, it takes just a few steps to create the perfect hot cocoa bomb. All you have to do is combine your favorite chocolate with heavy cream and sugar in a bowl, then pop it into the microwave to melt. Next, take the ooey gooey goodness and spread it on the inside of your rounded silicone molds. Once those semi-circles are refrigerated and hardened, put your favorite ingredients into one side, then gently place another on top. Use some additional melted chocolate between the two as an edible glue. After, place the whole globe into the fridge until you’re ready to watch your creation in action. 

Another plus: Many of the rounded silicone molds needed to make the dessert come in sets that cost under $12. A sweet price for any sweet tooth. 


Buy It! Freshware Store Silicone Molds (4-pack), $11.99;

Need a guide to help you out? You'll have no issue finding a good tutorial on TikTok. User @jamfamdiaries walked viewers through her process, garnering 5.2 million views and close to 1 million likes in doing so. After watching her video, and others, like @cristina_yin’s walk-through, you’ll see how simple and fun it is to make these goodies. It’s a great family activity, too (just keep the cleaning supplies nearby) , and a go-to for whatever socially distanced holiday festivities you have planned. 

Shocking to nobody, the tools needed to make this viral creation are selling out fast. If you check out Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page, you’ll see that a number of silicone mold options are increasing in sales dramatically. But you can still buy some top-rated sets today. Shop them below, before they run out of stock: 


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