Remember strawberry daiquiris? Those sweet, sweet blended drinks that you enjoy when you’re a) by the water, b) on spring break, or c) at a restaurant? But you probably don’t make your own, because who wants to fetch the ice, clean the blender, and make a labor-intensive fresh strawberry puree? (‘Cause we know you’d never make a daiquiri with any of those sugar-bomb mixes!) Given all of those factors, you probably turned your back on home made fruity daiquiris a long time ago.

Here’s my advice: forget a, b, and c, because we figured out a way to make a super-simple strawberry daiquiri without a blender, sugary mix, screaming co-eds, or even any fuss.

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And it’s not an overly sweet sugar-bomb either. This is a grown-up daiquiri—which means that it’s waistline-friendly. Yes, I am a drink snob and I approve this message.

To make it: Muddle 6 medium strawberries in a shaker or in the bottom a container with a lid (like a Mason jar) using a fork, the back of a spoon, whatever, until they are super pulpy and smell really, really good.

On top of the strawberries, add the juice of one lime and 3 oz. of white rum. Top with ice. Put the top on your shaker (or the lid on your jar), and shake the whole thing like a Polaroid picture.

No, really. Shake it. Shake it more than you think you need to. Then shake it some more.

When you can’t shake anymore, divide the contents into two glasses. Top with Lime LaCroix, and stir with a bar spoon (or any spoon). If you prefer a super-bubbly drink, add more LaCroix. If you like, add more ice. You can do what you want because you’re a grown-up making a grown-up drink. Garnish with lime and strawberry. Relax and enjoy.

NOTE: *If* you can find just-picked, ripe strawberries, you won’t need any sweetener. But if, like me, you pick up some strawberries from the store and they’re a little underripe, I recommend adding two teaspoons of agave (or your favorite liquid sugar) to taste, when you add the rum and lime juice.

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