Jillian Michaels is full of amazing tips—from teaching us how to get closer to seeing those abdominal muscles to helping us find the best kind of fitness for our personal goals. Besides fitness, Michaels is also passionate about eating healthy and staying energized (after all, she’s a trainer, speaker, activist, entrepreneur, and mom of two!)

Michaels says one healthy eating goal she has for herself is to consume fermented foods and probiotics every day. The trainer enjoys consuming her probiotics in the form of fermented dairy, like a protein-packed cup of plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. Michaels loves brands like Good Culture that add a tangy probiotic boost to protein- and calcium-rich cottage cheese.

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But Michaels doesn’t stop there. Her secret to optimal gut health is pairing probiotic foods with fiber to help feed the good gut bacteria. Fiber is a type of prebiotic, or the stuff probiotics feed on, so it totally makes sense we should be consuming them together!

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“One of my favorite breakfasts is cottage cheese with half a banana, a little granola, and a handful of berries,” Michaels says. “The banana and berries help add fiber to fuel the probiotics.”

We are definitely going to take this practice to heart, and already have some great ideas to help you do the same! Our Berry-Banana Overnight Oats pack 10g fiber, while Greek yogurt offers probiotic benefits. Kimchi Fried Rice offers a gut-healthy twist to this classic comfort food—full of fiber-rich green peas and spinach. And last but not least, our Early Summer Salad With Tempeh Croutons and Beet Dressing is a beautiful marriage of fresh veggies and probiotic-powered tempeh. Cheers to your gut!

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