Peep on a Perch has arrived to help the Easter Bunny prepare for the big day, spread holiday cheer, and shame your children into behaving by silently judging them with its dull, lifeless, unblinking eyes.

Because what says “Happy Easter” like intimidation and constant surveillance?

For just $18.71, you can get a plush Peep and a 32-page children’s book that details the legend of the “Easter Peep.” The story is similar to that of the Elf on the Shelf: It’s a toy that sits on a shelf in the weeks leading up to a holiday, watching kids and reporting back to Santa, or in this case, the Easter Bunny.

Here’s the product description from Penguin Random House:

“Step aside, Elf–Peep on a Perch is the newest holiday tradition around! Peep on a Perch is a book and plush boxed set that makes the perfect Easter gift. The storybook, perfect for boys and girls ages 3 to 7, tells how the Easter Peep assists the Easter Bunny every year. The adorable Easter Peep helps decorate eggs and fill baskets, and sees all the acts of kindness a child does in the days and weeks leading up to Easter. The soft plush Easter Peep included in the set can be perched anywhere throughout the home. Children will be proud to have the Easter Peep watch them being good all day as they get ready for bed without making a fuss, help out around the house, and use good manners. And the more kindness the Easter Peep sees, the happier the Easter Peep gets! Peeps fans of all ages will love to make this a new Easter family tradition.”

Buy it here.


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