Many of our Delish recipes will teach you something very important: The line between breakfast and dessert is a thin one. Dishes like Boston Cream Pie French Toast and Red Velvet Waffles are proof, and Pillsbury’s Cinnamon Bun Cake Mix takes it a step even further.
The cake mix is not entirely new to the market, but only comes around every once in a while since it’s a limited edition offering. Thankfully, it’s back again just in time for your holiday brunch and baking needs and @Foodiewiththebeasts spotted it at Food Lion.
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According to the box, one package makes about 24 cupcakes but there’s also a photo of cinnamon bun bars to show just how versatile this mix can be. Pillsbury also makes a cinnamon bun frosting that you can pick up right in the baking aisle as well.
Because the mix is so easy to work with and the frosting comes ready to use, there are a lot of ways to get creative in the kitchen. You could make cinnamon bun cake pops, use the batter to make cinnamon bun waffles, or make a straight up cinnamon bun-flavored sheet cake using the mix and adding actual cinnamon buns on top for decoration.
When it comes to cooking, you can make changes as you see fit to get the results you want. There are plenty of ways to read a recipe and adapt it and this pre-made mix makes that even easier. Go crazy!!

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