It’s officially August, and you know what that means: It’s basically fall, which means it’s basically almost winter, so happy holidays, y’all! Okay, since I am currently writing this while sweating on my porch, we probably shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get pumped about all the good food coming our way in the colder months. Case in point? It looks like hot cocoa cookie dough from Pillsbury will be making a comeback this year and this time, it’s safe to eat raw.
This update was spotted by the team over at In case you haven’t noticed, Pillsbury is updating all of its cookie dough to be safe eaten raw or baked, so when they get that new packaging, we officially know it will be sticking around or coming back when the season is right. Well, TTB noticed that this iconic cookie dough got a packaging makeover on the Pillsbury website, which means it’s likely set to return this year.
These cookies are full of all the chocolate-y goodness of a cup of hot cocoa, including marshmallow-flavored chips. They pair perfectly with milk, a cup of coffee, or yes, even a cup of hot cocoa, if you’re really feeling extra.
Of course, don’t expect these on shelves juuust yet. After all, we still have pumpkin cookies with cream cheese chips to look forward to after we’re done grilling this summer. Patience is a virtue, my friends…a virtue that is rewarded with hot cocoa cookies.

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