Pizza Hut announced today that it has teamed up with First Book, an educational equity non-profit, to release a series of antiracism resources called Empowering Educators. They did so as a way to help teachers broach the subject of race with their students.
The move comes after a 2019 survey by First Book found that 66 percent of educators said that they wanted to proactively talk about race with students but that they but didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Though these talks have always been important and will continue to be necessary, the subject has become all the more urgent amid systemic inequalities coming to light while teaching during COVID-19 and as America continues to have frank discussions surrounding race.
The resources include suggested books and activities for students of various ages, conversation guidance, answers to some frequently asked questions received in First Book’s 2019 survey, an introductory guidebook on antiracism, an instructional video series, and more materials forthcoming. The guidebook and video series are free and can be accessed by going here.
“Pizza Hut is introducing a new chapter in our long-standing commitment to literacy–focused on the intersection of equity and education,” said Pizza Hut’s first Chief Equity Officer Chequan Lewis:
The organizations have also taken five popular and diverse titles from the First Book Marketplace and have made them into affordable paperback editions so they can be accessed by more people. You can see all the titles in the photo above. To find the complete list of books and more information about these efforts, you can read the full list here.

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