I am not sure exactly what goes into a Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut besides butter, flour, and what I can only assume is magic, but it sure is delicious. The only thing perhaps more magical than that first crispy crunch of your slice is the fact that you can now get a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza for about $11.
Yes, you can get a large Original Pan Pizza for just $10.99 right now with up to three toppings!! You can let your pizza imagination go wild and it will not stretch your wallet even a little bit…or maybe it will? Because you’ll have more cash in it, therefore it will be bigger? I never did get that expression. Either way, this deal is available now at Pizza Hut locations nationwide AND you can get it for contactless delivery, carryout, or curbside pickup.
Pizza is kind of having a moment and for very good reason: It travels super well, makes everyone happy, and is the perfect thing to eat for dinner if you’re short on time but still want something VERY delicious. So what better time to cash in on this deal? And just in case Pan Pizza isn’t really your thing, Pizza Hut has a similar deal for regular large pizzas. They’re calling it The Tastemaker and with it, you can choose any three toppings for $10. Go ahead! Mix and match and make everyone love you.

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