If you’ve taken a trip to the grocery store recently, it’s definitely clear to you that fall is in full swing despite what the calendar may say. Restaurant menus are also already in autumn mode with different pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon flavors added to the line-up and for those who want a decadent breakfast, Denny’s has new pumpkin pecan pancakes.
Although the name itself may be a bit of a tongue twister, these pumpkin pecan pancakes are just what you’ll want to order the next time you get Denny’s. The pancakes themselves are made with real pumpkin and cooked with pecans, but it’s the pecan pie sauce that is drizzled on top that steals the show. It’s sweet enough to enjoy on its own but can also pair well with syrup, if you’d prefer that.
The pumpkin pecan pancakes also come as a meal so you can really fuel up for your day. You get two eggs that can be cooked however you like, crispy golden hashbrowns, and bacon or sausage links. These savory sides pair great with the rich flavors of the pancakes.
You can order the all-new pumpkin pecan pancakes from Denny’s for a limited time as they’re a seasonal offering. Denny’s is available for indoor dining in some areas where local protocols allow and can be ordered for pick-up or contactless delivery so anyone who wants to dine on their famous pancakes and meals can do so safely.

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