“This will sound bad, but when Juju slipped in episode number 2 (which is embedded above), I knew it was comedy gold,” Paul said: “Aside from a few moments like that, shooting these is actually quite stressful. Majority of the time my wife and I are trying to prevent our two year old from eating raw egg and the four year old from overdosing on sugar.”
And even though the kids have never made anything their parents are willing to eat (to be clear, Bean and Juju themselves have eaten plenty of it!), they have been getting progressively better at cooking, according to their dad, and are pretty proud of what they’ve created.
“Watching the episodes after they’re edited has been the best part. Bean has taken such pride in ‘my cooking show,’ she just lights up whenever we talk about it or watch the episodes. The girls are endlessly entertained watching themselves and each other on TV, it’s really exceeded any expectations that I had when we started,” he continued:
Basically, consider this series your new dose of happiness. Even if Bean and Juju don’t exactly teach you any new advanced cooking techniques, these videos will certainly put a smile on your face.
“The videos have given us another way to stay connected to our loved ones during these crazy times when so many of us are feeling isolated,” Paul said. “So many friends and family have reached out to us, in a strange way the videos have kept us connected to the outside world. I’ve also gotten a few emails and messages from strangers about how these videos are adding some much needed humor to their lives and they seem genuinely grateful.”

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