You do not need my permission to eat candy for breakfast. I am just a random person on the internet who has been known to eat a brownie with coffee and call it a balanced meal. But if you need even more encouragement to down some sweets before noon, Reese’s, as ever, has your back.
The brand announced today that it would be releasing Reese’s Snack Cakes, which are designed to be a sweet mid-morning treat. These cakes are packed with all the delicious peanut butter and chocolate flavor that you have come to expect, nay, demand from Reese’s…but in the form of chocolate cake and peanut butter creme. That cake is then covered in even more chocolate because why not?
The idea for this treat apparently came from the fact that 83 percent of people say they have had dessert before noon in the past month. Reese’s thought they would simply encourage our behavior further by releasing this snack cake, I suppose! It seems, however, you’ll have to stick to downing actual candy before your daily sandwich for a while longer though. These cakes are due to hit convenience stores nationwide around December 2020.
OK so we are officially looking forward to the winter because of (1) the winter holidays, (2) getting nearer to the end of 2020, (3) cooler weather, and (4) this. And judging by the look of them, I’ll definitely be picking these up once the snow starts falling. It’s Reese’s. And cake. How could you not?

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