Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie and for good reason. The chocolate wafers and vanilla creme filling pair perfectly together and the brand even gives fans the ability to personalize their snacking experience by choosing their ratio—whether they prefer their Oreo cookies thinner, with extra stuffing, or in other flavors. For those that are all about the creme center, Sam’s Club sells variety packs of Double Stuf and Mega Stuf cookies that you can buy.
As is true with most items you can buy at Sam’s Club warehouses, bigger is always better. The pack, which is appropriately called the Oreo Creme Lovers Variety Pack comes with 45 individually wrapped packages that include two Oreos each. You can choose from the Double Stuf cookie or Mega Stuf cookie depending on how much vanilla creme you need when the snack craving hits. The boxes come with 30 Double Stuf packages and 15 Mega Stuf packages.
As listed on the Sam’s Club website, the variety pack goes for $11.98 and the product is a limited-time offer. There’s no clear clue as to when the offer will expire, but I will say that the Oreo Creme Lovers Variety Pack is already out of stock in the Sam’s Club locations in my area, so they’re probably getting scooped off the shelves pretty fast. To be safe, if you see the boxes at your wholesale club you should go ahead and pick them up before they’re gone. After all, there’s never a bad time for Oreos so it’s always a good idea to have them on hand. Ya never know when you’ll want them!

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