There’s nothing wrong with being a picky eater, but for those who have to prepare meals for a group of people with differing tastes, being one can be a challenge. One of the best ways to save time and sanity is to find prepared foods that come with options, which is exactly why big box retailers like Sam’s Club are so convenient. The next time you have to prepare dessert for a holiday crowd or your picky family, a variety box of cheesecake bites from Sam’s Club is the way to go.
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The cheesecake bites are made under the Member’s Mark brand (which is Sam’s Club’s label). This means the dessert option is exclusive to Sam’s Club, so when you see it you might as well throw it in your cart. With 63 cheesecake bites in total, it will last you some time and will make preparing dessert extremely efficient.
Every package includes New York style, caramel chocolate chip, and strawberry swirl flavors with 21 pieces of each. Boxes can be found in the freezer aisle and when you bring them home you can store them in your freezer and let them thaw out a bit in the fridge before serving. You also don’t have to worry about them having a short shelf life because each cheesecake bite comes individually wrapped to lock in the freshness.
@Samsclubmembers found the box at their local warehouse for $11.98 so it’s quite the steal considering how many pieces it comes with. Cheesecake for dessert every day sounds pretty good to me.

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