Taco Bell has been making a lot of changes lately, and though some have broken our hearts (RIP Mexican Pizza!!!), others are nothing short of magical (I LOVE YOU, GRILLED CHEESE BURRITO). In the genre of good news, please let me introduce you to some of their newest menu offerings, including Chipotle Chicken Melts.
These little cheesy snacks are the newest permanent addition to the Taco Bell Cravings Value Menu, which means they’re delicious and, most importantly, they’re CHEAP. They’re made with all-white meat grilled chicken, creamy chipotle sauce, and cheddar cheese rolled in a flour tortilla for $1 each. I am ready to drop a fiver and get a whole bunch of these little guys.

In addition to this nationwide menu item, Taco Bell is also testing some other glorious creations we hope land in stores everywhere ASAP. First up, is the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito in Houston, TX. It’s made with a double serving of both seasoned rice and marinated steak, crunchy red strips, chipotle sauce, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and a three-cheese blend inside of a flour tortilla. It’s then topped with a layer of melty cheese. YUM. You can also order a spicy version topped with grilled jalapeños.

Next up are Loaded Nachos being served up in Atlanta and Nashville. They’re made with a bed of nacho chips topped with refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, a three-cheese blend, sour cream, tomatoes and guacamole and guess what??? THEY’RE ONLY $1.99. But you can also order the Seasoned Beef Loaded Nachos for $2.49 if you’re craving a little protein.
These two test items will only be available for a limited-time and if you’re not located near a Taco Bell testing them out, well, I suppose we’ll all just have to make a cheesy wish they come to a menu near us soon.

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