It’s the end of the year and we’re all probably feeling a little tired, a little over it, and more than a little ready to get into the new year. And honestly, nothing signals that you’re just ready for the year to end than getting elbow-deep in a bucket of chicken, am I right??
TGI Friday’s is selling a new meal that’s appropriately called the “Cluck-It-Bucket” and it will help you to say TGI-F2020…get it? You do. These buckets are considered a shareable entrée for two, which is what I like to call a challenge for one. You can pick from either boneless or bone-in wings with your choice of sauce, including Frank’s RedHot or Friday’s Famous Whiskey Glaze. Oh, and if you prefer, you can also just get a giant bucket of Fridays’ Crispy Chicken Fingers with a side of honey mustard and fries instead. My love language is giant buckets of chicken tenders—how did they know??
You can get your hands on these buckets from December 26, 2020, through January 12, 2021, only through online ordering at participating locations. They’ll cost you a very seasonally appropriate $20.20, BTW. You’re probably not dressing up in a sparkly dress and doing tequila shots for NYE this year (unless it’s alone in your own home, which, do you!), but this sounds like a much better time to me. What better way to say GTFO to this year than a messy bun and hot sauce fingers? Catch you in 2021, babes!

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