When you invest hundreds of dollars on high-quality cookware, you want to ensure it lasts a lifetime (or close to it). Of course, you should always season and shine your precious pots and pans, but one of the most important ways to keep everything in mint condition is proper storage. 

Stacking your skillets, sauce pans, and Dutch ovens in your cabinets might save space, but it’s an easy way to scratch or chip your cookware. Thankfully, home cooks have discovered a simple solution in these pot and pan protectors from Amazon.

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Made from durable polyester felt, the star-shaped protectors fit between your pots, pans, skillets, and dishes to prevent scuffs. In fact, the fabric is tough enough to protect your countertops from hot dishes, just like a trivet. They’re also flexible, easily conforming to awkward spaces, and feature non-slip bottoms for extra stability.

No matter how big or small your cookware collection is, these protectors have you covered. The set comes with four small, four medium, and four large protectors, plus you can conveniently trim the fabric with scissors to the exact size you need. 


To buy: $10; amazon.com

The set has earned hundreds of positive reviews from Amazon shoppers who say the protectors are must-haves for anyone who has invested in high-end cookware or wants to keep their non-stick skillets like new.

“I had just bought a new set of cookware and cut up old kitchen towels to layer in between them to prevent scratching,” one said. “Obviously, not a very classy look. I ordered these lovely gray felt pots and pans protectors. They are thick enough to protect everything from my 12-inch skillets all the way down to the smallest pot.”

Other reviewers said the tools are smart buys for small spaces. “Due to the fact that we have a small house, storage is at a premium, and things get stacked up in cupboards,” wrote a shopper who received a new cookware set for Christmas. “These pan protectors were perfect for stacking not only my nice new pans, but also my older Cuisinart pans (because now I have two sets of pans and pots LOL).”

And since the 12-piece set costs only $10, it's inexpensive insurance for your pricey cookware. Pick one up from Amazon now to keep your pots and pans scratch-free for years to come.

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