Since 2013, chef David Danielson has been the executive chef at Churchill Downs racetrack—which means he’s in charge of creating the Kentucky Derby’s official menu, stacked with multiple courses and of course, plenty of bourbon. (This is Kentucky, after all, and Woodford Reserve is the presenting sponsor of the Derby.) Danielson aims to combine traditional-yet-modern Southern and Kentucky flavors, so this year’s spread includes Scallop and Prawn Sausage with Black Truffle; Pimento Cheese, Benedictine, and Collard Parmesan Dip; and Bourbon Citrus Salmon. In total, there will be 22,000 chicken breasts, 4,075 pounds of braised pork, 5,640 pounds of turkey, 7,600 pounds of potato, 8,200 pounds of pasta, and 8,000 heads of locally grown lettuce will be used, according to a statement. But for guests who can’t make it to the Derby in person, there’s also an official at-home menu and set of recipes this year—a first from Churchill Downs.

“At-home Derby parties are a longstanding and growing tradition and we want to help make them as special as the historic race they celebrate,” said Danielson.

The at-home menu is smaller than the regular Derby menu—which makes sense, assuming Derby fans won’t have an entire kitchen staff at their disposal. But still, there’s a few options for each course, starting off with Meatball, Cucumber, & Mint skewers for an appetizer and wrapping up with Mini Fruit Hand Pies for dessert. It’s a solid spread for a viewing party—and don’t worry, this menu includes pimento cheese too. Check out both menus below, and make sure you tune into the 145th (!) Derby this May.

The Official 145 Kentucky Derby Menu


Scallop and Prawn Sausage with Black Truffle, Celery root puree and cutting celery

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatball, Harissa, yogurt and cucumber-mint chutney

Pork Loin, Chicory-whole grain demi-glace

Arugula, Chicory and Figs, Blue cheese, walnuts, late harvest riesling dressing

Farro, Corn, tomatoes and creamy basil dressing

Sweet Potato Salad, Almond and cheddar


Shrimp and Country Ham Pasta, Cavatappi, roasted garlic & rosemary cream with parmesan smashed sweet potato

Roasted Asparagus, Capriole goat cheese, radish, roasted shallot & lemon vinaigrette

Pimento Cheese, Benedictine and Collard Parmesan Dip, Crackers and flatbreads


Bourbon Citrus Salmon

Beef Short Ribs, Sorghum & soy glaze

Bourbon Sorghum Glazed Turkey, Spiked peaches

Sautéed Chicken Breast, Bourbon honey pan sauce

Cheese Tortellini, Country ham and apples


Warm Chocolate Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

Warm Fruit Cobbler

The 145 Kentucky Derby At-Home Menu

Meatball, Cucumber & Mint Skewers, Yogurt dipping

Grilled Figs with Blue Cheese Mousse & Toasted Walnuts

Chilled Derby Day Shrimp & Pasta Salad

Mini Biscuit Sandwiches, Pimento cheese, benedictine and collard parmesan spreads

Slow Cooker Short Ribs with Henry Bain Sauce, Creamy cheese grits

Chicken Wings Grilled & Glazed, Bourbon honey pan sauce

Bourbon Chocolate Caramel and Mousse, Served in mason jars

Mini Fruit Hand Pies

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