By now, you’ve hopefully heard that there is a good chance that Amazon Prime Day is happening at some point this summer. That’s because in the past, the two-day shopping event has always been held during the summertime and was only postponed in 2020 to the fall due to pandemic-related reasons. That being said, whenever it does happen this year you need to be prepared especially if you’re in the market for something as sought after as an air fryer.
First, you should know that Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive two-day event for Prime members that offers insane deals on all sorts of products: kitchen appliances, electronics, and sometimes even groceries from Whole Foods. Kitchen appliances are some of the best deals available on the day and last year with some going for over 30 percent off their usual price.
That being said, if you want to finally hop on the air fryer bandwagon (we’re happy to have you!!) you should strategize for Prime Day. Whenever it happens air fryers will be one of the first things to go, so check back in on some of the top-rated brands available on the site like Dash, Chefman, COSORI, Cuisinart, and Instant Pot.
As the sales go live they may only be valid for a limited time so you want to act fast, add to cart, and patiently wait for it to get delivered to your door. Don’t worry, though, once the discounts are posted we’ll be updating this story with all of the best deals. Bonus: While you’re shopping you might as well pick up a copy of our Party in an Air Fryer cookbook to get some recipe inspiration.

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