It was cake week during the first episode of newest season of The Great British Baking Show, and toward the end, you may have wondered if you accidentally tuned into an episode of Nailed It!. The bakers were tasked with creating cake busts of famous figures and some of them turned out…not as uncanny as they may have hoped for.
Bakers were told to immortalize their idols in cake and made everyone from David Bowie to Charles Darwin toLupita Nyong’o. This challenge, which occurred in the Showstopper segment, became even funnier because the show creates adorable illustrations that are meant to clue viewers into the vision the bakers have for their cakes. While normally this is a helpful way to get on the same page with them, during this challenge it just served to show how far many of these bakers got from what they were trying to make their cakes look like.

There was no shortage of funny moments, whether it was Sura running to make sure her David Attenborough cake didn’t take a tumble to Noel uncontrollably laughing at the cake made in Lupita’s likeness (or unlikeness rather) to the very sight of this Freddie Mercury cake that will have me laughing for all of my days. Don’t get me wrong, I would fare MUCH worse in this challenge. That being said, I am definitely not alone in finding immense joy in this episode because Twitter had a FIELD DAY with meme-ing these cakes to all hell.
Me before lockdown v me now #GBBO
I want to bake free. #BakeOff #GBBO

Watching the new #GBBO (again) and this is supposed to be Lupita Nyong’o 😭😭😭

Leave it to Bake Off to make us laugh hard and bring us comfort in 2020…even if it’s not exactly in the way the bakers intended.

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