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Grocery shopping has found new significance for many people in the last year. Beyond the task of feeding ourselves and our families, grocery shopping has been about the only in-person errand we are running.

Though grocery shopping has remained a constant, it has been one of the most rapidly changing parts of our lives. Our awareness of the need to do it safely, efficiently, and preferably in the most low-impact way will likely be one of those things that is part of our new "normal."

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When added to that the fact cities and towns all over the country are taking up legislation to forbid single-use plastic bags, we are all getting used to bringing our own bags to transport our purchases. So, getting smart about investing in a system that addresses both issues is actually a really great thing to do.

The Lotus Shopping Trolley Bag System is just such a game changer.

For starters, the set of four machine-washable bags are threaded on sturdy rods. You can hang the bags in your shopping cart like files in a file drawer with these rods, keeping them open and allowing you to load your cart in an organized way.

The set includes a cooler bag to keep frozen and cold items at proper temperature during transport, special pockets for fragile items like eggs or wine bottles, and were custom designed to accommodate the size of bags from the largest grocery store chains.

The bags, which can hold up to 50 pounds each, Velcro together, and come with a handy wrap to secure them as one condensed easily-transportable unit.

When you arrive at the store, you simply undo the wrap, and place the rods on the edges of the shopping cart and spread out to open the bags and fill the cart space. Now, nothing you place in your cart will touch the cart itself, so no more worries about picking up germs from the cart.

When you go to check out, empty your bags onto the conveyor in order, and then refill the bags straight from the other side, eliminating the need for either paper or plastic bags. If you do have the store load your goods into their bags, those bags slip right back into your bags for transport.

Once you get to your car, the bags detach from one another for loading, and you can slide out the rods. When you get home, the long straps allow you to put the bags over your shoulders for ease, and if the bags need washing (and they probably do during the pandemic), just toss them in the washer. The rods can then slide back in and the bags get reattached to each other for the next shopping trip. Without the rods, the bags become useful sturdy totes for things like day trips, picnics, or other excursions.

"The lotus bags are the best investment I have made especially during the pandemic. You put them in your cart you open them up And you can easily put your groceries into separated bags. I've had a number of compliments on the bags and people wanting to know where I purchased them from," wrote one Amazon reviewer.

Another said, "This is a covid era game changer for me along with the self scanning app at Wegman's."

Pair the trolley bags with the Lotus reusable, washable produce bags to eliminate the need for the single-use plastic bags in the produce section, for the ultimate in eco-friendly, germ-free, efficient, and organized grocery shopping experience imaginable.

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To buy: $44.99; amazon.com

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