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The search for the perfect kitchen towel can be long and arduous. You may find a pretty tea towel that looks good in your space but leaves your hands and dishes dripping. You'll undoubtedly find an absorbent towel that seems like a drying miracle—until it ends up smelling slightly off. Yes, finding that perfect unicorn of a kitchen towel is challenge—but it seems like Amazon shoppers have found one that's just right: Cuisinart's Bamboo Kitchen Towels.

The secret of these towels lies in their material. They're made with a blend of absorbent cotton and bamboo fiber, which has naturally anti-microbial properties, according to some scientific studies. They sop up moisture, dry quickly, and don't develop any kind of unpleasant odor over time. And according to Amazon shoppers, they really work.

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"I was looking for bamboo hand towels because I'm sensitive to odor and find bamboo does a great job at eliminating any dirty towel smell after a day of use—and these fit the bill," wrote one five-star reviewer. "I like that these held their exact shape after washing and drying too."

Others have found the towels do a better job of wiping up spills and drying dishes than alternatives. "I've been a hand-wash-dishes-for-lifer," wrote another shopper. "These tea towels have absolutely blown me away with how absorbent they are. They are a great size, meaning you can completely cover a dining plate while drying. Knives are dry and streak-free in one pass. You'll even hear the plates squeak when drying because these towels do such a good job. [The towels] dry pretty fast, too, when draped on the over-the-door kitchen-sink cupboard hanger.

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To buy: $15; amazon.com

Cuisinart's Bamboo Kitchen Towels are available in five different colors (gray, tan, turquoise, black, navy, and red) and two different textures—one with a striped "bark effect" and another with a diamond pattern. For $15, you'll get a set of two that you can use for effective hand-washing, spill-mopping, and dish-drying. After all, shoppers also note the towels "leave no lint on dishes and glasses."

These towels might be the solution to all your drying needs—just don't be surprised if you end up coming back for more, like some shoppers: "I liked them so much, I bought another set so I can always keep clean ones." You can shop them now at Amazon.

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