Your holiday food spreads are bound to look amazing–especially if you happen to follow any of our Halloween and Thanksgiving classic recipes. That being said, delicious food deserves to be displayed in a way that makes it look even better and these colorful serving utensils from Amazon are a great way to add personality to a table setting.

Amazon Brand Rainbow Kitchen Utenisls Set, 13 Pieces Stainless Steel Cooking Utenisls Set With Titanium Rainbow Plating, Kitchen Tools Set With Utensil Holder For Non-Stick Cookware (13 Packs)
Similar in color to the fan-favorite Aldi rainbow utensils, these serving spoons and tools are rainbow metallic and will catch the light beautifully. The 13-piece set from Amazon comes with a ladle, skimmer, slatted turner, pasta server, cooking spoon, potato masher, egg whisk, slatted spoon, tongs, flat turner, flexible spatula, basting brush, and a matching holder to keep all of the tools displayed on your counter. You can get all 13 items from Amazon for just $45 and it’s eligible for Prime shipping so it can all be at your door in two days.
This colorful aesthetic has found its way onto so many kitchenwares, like the aforementioned Aldi rainbow utensils, as well as these glass iridescent wine and Champagne glasses at Nordstrom. For a Halloween-themed aesthetic, you could pair the vibrant servers with matte black wine glasses for contrast and a dark look to match your spooky baked goods and appetizers.
Each utensil in the set is rust-proof, dishwasher-safe, and non-stick so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps in your kitchen…besides struggling to decide where exactly you want to put these on display, that is.

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