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Food-themed pool floats have been a major trend this summer—but what if your pool float didn’t just *look* like a bottle of Champagne, but could also keep your bottle of bubbly cool? 

Meet the Spa Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Float, our new favorite summer essential for lounging poolside. We recently stumbled upon this life-changing pool float on Amazon that serves as a wine cooler, cup (or can) holder, fruit display, and floating charcuterie board all at once! 

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As fancy as this product sounds, it’ll only set you back $24.49, which we believe is a small price to pay for Champagne and charcuterie at our fingertips, whether we are enjoying time in the hot tub, pool, or at the beach.

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Snag one of these refreshment floats on Amazon today, before they sell out for the summer. We promise you won’t know how you lived so long without it!

Shop Now: Spa Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Float, $24.49


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