So many dishes start with mincing garlic or chopping onions for flavor and while these ingredients can make just about anything taste better, their fragrances often linger even after the cooking is done. For anyone who’s chopped garlic by hand, you’re probably familiar with the way the smell sticks to your fingers no matter how many times you wash them, but thankfully, there’s a $9 gadget you can order to solve this kitchen dilemma.

Rub-a-Way Bar
The Rub-a-Way bar is shaped like a bar of soap but is made with stainless steel. It’s meant to be used like soap, so once you’re done chopping ingredients you’re supposed to rub your hands on the bar just as you would if you were lathering with actual soap. There’s no water required and after about 30 seconds (or, at max, a minute), your hands will be free of any smell.
Amazon reviews confirm the Rub-a-Way bar works exactly as intended and the product has a solid 4.5 stars average out of over 9,000 ratings. “I have no clue how this bar works, all I can say is that it does. I was expecting it to be a stocking filler that never really got used but it is a permanent fixture by our kitchen sink. Onions, fish, garlic…all the smells gone instantly. And we cook Italian all the time, so everything starts with garlic. It’s amazing,” one reviewer wrote.
As for how it works, a ThoughtCo report explains that stainless steel attracts sulfur from foods like garlic and fish which helps the odor leave your hands. The bars are just $9 for one and $17 for a set of two on Amazon Prime so you can get yours in two days flat.

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