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Making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is no easy feat. From choosing the right kind of bread to selecting a cheese that will melt, crafting a good grilled cheese takes a little trial and error (anyone else always have one corner of the bread that's a little too dark?). But one thing that will help you achieve a delicious sandwich with ease is Lodge's Cast Iron Grill Press.

Lodge's Cast Iron Grill Press is designed to help you cook both sides of your sandwich at once. To use, just preheat over an open flame, and apply it to the side of the sandwich that isn't face-down in the pan. Doing this will help you get a golden brown texture on both sides of the sandwich and speed up the cooking time.

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You can also use the press on other foods like bacon and burgers. The press can help prevent bacon from curling and cooking unevenly in the pan. And for burgers, the press can remove unwanted grease from the patty. Whatever you make, the press can be used on the stove, grill, or in the oven, and will make achieving a perfect sear a breeze.

Unlike other cast-iron products, you can hold the handle of the press when it's hot, thanks to the cool-grip spiral. When you're done cooking, Lodge recommends hand-washing the press and immediately drying it with a paper towel to keep it in peak condition.

Whether you make Hot Chile Grilled Cheese or Spanakopita Grilled Cheese, Lodge's Cast Iron Grill Press will make cooking a faster—and more delicious—experience. And anything that lets me eat a grilled cheese sandwich faster is a win in my book.

To buy: $28; amazon.com

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