Are you a C2 or an F5?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you are clearly not hip to the very real and very important debate that is dividing the Internet.

It all started innocently enough: Delish posted a (bizarrely mesmerizing) coffee and cream matrix onto Instagram this week.

Which ☕️ are you?? (Anyone who is A1… WE NEED TO TALK.) #Delish #DamnThatsDelish

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All they wanted to know was how their readers took their morning cup of joe. Nobody could’ve known that all hell was about to break loose.

There were some C3s and D5s, and even a few F6s. I am saddened to report, though, that A1s exist—and they walk among us everyday.

Let me be clear: A1 is cream. There is not a drop of coffee to be found in that cup.

Understandably, people were unnerved by the revelation.

I’m not usually a judgy person—but if you consider yourself an A1 kinda person, you’re doing coffee wrong.

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