Japan is getting a new emperor on May 1 and the chefs at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo are celebrating in the best and biggest way they know how: with this crazy massive and crazy expensive burger.


新元号「令和」が発表されましたね!金粉をまとった総重量3㎏、直径25㎝の贅沢バーガー「ゴールデン ジャイアント バーガー」で、新元号と新天皇即位をお祝いしませんか? ・We are excited to introduce from today this 3 kg/6.6 lbs Golden Giant Burger with golden dust buns and sumptuous ingredients like wagyu beef, foie gras and black truffles. Let it be the perfect choice to celebrate the new era "Reiwa" and the long Golden Week! ・ #グランドハイアット東京 を付けた投稿はピックアップしてRepostしています! Tag #GrandHyattTokyo for a chance to be featured! ・ ・ #theoakdoor #giantburger #grandhyatt #hyatt #六本木 #RoppongiHills #burger #NewEra #japangoldenweek #Steakhouse #tokyohotel #luxuryhotels #besthotels #ラグジュアリーホテル #オークドア #ジャイアントバーガー #ハンバーガー #新元号 #新元号記念 #六本木ヒルズ #六本木ランチ #六本木ディナー #六本木ステーキハウス #東京ステーキハウス #ステーキハウス #巨大バーガー #改元 #令和

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Topped with wagyu steak, foie gras, and truffles, the Golden Giant Burger measures 10 inches wide and weighs more than 6 pounds. Oh, yeah—did I mention that there is literal gold on the bun?

Though the whole thing costs 100,000 yen ($900 USD), it’s intended to be shared among six people. If you abide by the serving size, that comes out to $150 per person. Which, if you’re unfamiliar with current hamburger prices, is a bit more than they usually run.

You may be wondering why this occasion warrants the creation of this monster. Well, this new emperor is a pretty big deal for Japan:

When Emperor Akihito steps down, he’ll be succeeded by his son, Crown Prince Naruhito. This change will end the Heisei era and begin a new period in Japanese history called Reiwa.

So, yeah—this is the end of an era, folks. That calls for a pretty big burger if you ask me.

The burger comes with a salad, French fries, and a magnum-size bottle of wine.

If you happen to be in Tokyo between now and June 30, you might want to check this thing out—just make sure to bring a friend (or six).

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