Mini Pineapple Waffle Maker
The mini waffle maker is white with little yellow and green pineapples all over it, which means it’s so cute that you won’t want to take it off your counter. But the real fun comes when you’re making the waffles, because one side has the typical waffle crisscross shape and the other stamps a tropical pineapple design. It’ll add that summery touch to your breakfast and surely cause a few smiles.
This Dash waffle maker has a dual nonstick surface and creates 4-inch waffles. All you have to is plug it in, and a few minutes later you can pour your favorite pancakes and waffle batter into the small appliance. Although the obvious thing to make with it is waffles, the brand encourages channeling your creative side. You can use the mini pineapple waffle maker to make paninis, hash browns, or whatever other dishes you can think of, and they’ll all have a pineapple printed on them. It’s a win all around.
You can snag the mini pineapple waffle maker from Amazon — where it has been dubbed an Amazon’s Choice for having high ratings and a good price, and it’s available for immediate shipping — for $17.99. We can’t be the only ones thinking that this is a prime opportunity to make pineapple upside-down waffles, complete with maraschino cherries, of course.
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