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Like the idea of infusing some greenery into your home, but not quite up to the skill level of garden pros like @hiltoncarter? (Seriously, the Baltimore-based stylist and author is a must-follow on Instagram and is the epitome of #houseplantgoals.)

There’s nothing better than sharing your passion for plants with others and propagating is that best way to do so! It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. And for me, I style my cutting in my holders I call “Cradles”. Why do I call them cradles, you ask? Well because they hold the lil babies, duh. ? If you’re looking to learn a bit about propagating, take a class with me virtually! You can find a link for that in my stories! Be safe and be WILD! ??

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We're right there with you, so we were delighted to discover that The Sill is here to save the day with our new favorite subscription service. What a time to be alive: We can now have charitable coffee beans, sommelier-approved wine, Tom Brady-designed meals, and now a different houseplant delivered to our doorsteps each month.

To buy: Plants for Beginners Subscription, $35 per month;

A subscription from this "modern plant destination for the modern plant lover" includes one potted plant each month so you can bring some nature indoors any time of the year—and so you can start building your epic indoor plant paradise. To ensure a stylish look, you can select the color of your planter and start growing a cohesive collection that's designed to thrive inside.

For the newbies (both hands raised here), The Sill also hosts $10 online workshops that cover topics including summer plant care and succulents 101 to talk you through your new foray into plant parenthood. Other subscriptions, including a pet-friendly one and one for low-light plants, are $35 each. You can also choose a subscription for medium-sized plants for beginners for $55.

That feeling when your human brings in another new quarantine plant ? Photo by @leafy.lane

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It starts with a three-month commitment, which is perfect for a splurge-worthy $105 gift to share with a loved one or yourself. From there, you have the option to extend the subscription as long as you like…or as long as your living room has space. We're all spending a little, or a lot, more time at home these days, which makes it easier to tend to any blooming "babies."

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