The second and final day of Amazon’s coveted Prime Day is already underway, and you may still be searching for the perfect kitchen appliance! Though I am hoping you took advantage of yesterday’s amazing Keurig deal (it’s still happening in case you didn’t!), there are still plenty of other kitchen items that you can score at a solid discount. And if you are a pasta lover, then what I’m about to tell you will be the best thing you’ve heard all day. Truly!

Pasta Maker Attachments Set for KitchenAid Stand Mixers
For the remainder of the day, you can nab a Cofun pasta maker for an amazing price. If you know how I feel about finding a good deal, then you should know that this one is you won’t want to pass up on. Allow me to give you all the details about this glorious new attachment you should be running to get.
Originally priced at $99.99, this pasta maker—which fits perfectly on KitchenAid Stand Mixers, might I add—will have you channeling your inner carb queen each time you set it up. When you order it (because I’m sure you will!), you’ll get a pasta roller, spaghetti cutter, and a fettuccine cutter all in one, so you’ll have everything you need to make your pasta as perfect as can be. A three-for-one deal? Here for it!
So now that you know all the perks to getting this fabulous new appliance, I’m sure you want to know what the actual Prime Day price is, right? Well, don’t you fret, I got you! You’ll be happy to know that you can nab this bb for a mere $73.99 and if you ask me, that’s convincing enough to make me buy two. Just remember: You only have until the end of today to get it at this price!

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