A really good fast food breakfast is something that can be hard to replicate at home. Getting the flavors just right is difficult, but of course some genius TikTok user figured it out. One person shared a hack for making copycat McGriddles at home and all it takes is a mason jar.
Whoever came up with this is a genius!Breakfast for supper – McD’s style!#mcdonalds#mcgriddle #homechef
The most iconic part of any McGriddle is, of course, the pancakes that are used as a bun of sorts. These pancakes are perfectly round, fluffy, and filled with little pockets of syrup so you get that hint of sweetness with every bite of your sausage and egg sandwich. I’ve always wondered how these delightful pancakes are made, and thankfully now I know! Or at least I know how to make something very similar!
If you’re familiar with mason jars—whether for serving Dalgona coffee or pickling veggies in true early quarantine fashion—you’ll know that each jar comes with a circular ring that screws on to the top and makes it air-tight. This ring can be used as a pancake mold, according to TikTok, and all you have to do is coat it with some cooking spray to make sure your pancakes don’t get stuck on it.
From there, place the coated ring on your griddle, pour in your pancake mix, and when the bottom of the pancake cooks a bit and gets crispy, you can add your syrup in. This way, when you flip your pancake over you still get those subtle syrupy bits throughout. Once they’re all finished, you can eat them as is, or you can recreate your favorite McDonald’s breakfast by adding it sausage, egg, and cheese inside. The start to a good morning, indeed.

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