Because 2020 has upended our relationship with days, weeks, and months in radical and unprecedented ways, it can feel like time has melted into one big puddle. That might explain why we’ve not only found out about the annual pumpkin spice onslaught earlier than ever, and the fact that some Christmas stuff is already surfacing a full week before Labor Day.

For the latest—or one of the earliest—such examples of holiday season products making an appearance before many kids have gone (virtually) back to school, we turn to @SnackGator’s spot of some Great Value-branded Hot Chocolate Frozen Cookie Dough. It’s a product that sure sounds like it’s got a lot (and a lot of different temperatures going on) at once.

WHAAAAAT!? HELL yes! ?Great Value just came out with some new frozen yummies! Hot Chocolate Frozen Cookie Dough, and Triple Chocolate Frozen Cookie Dough are in the freezers at Walmart, friends.These should definitely make for a sweet holiday season…and PRE-holiday season 🙂 Which one sounds best to you? ?

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Based on the Instagram snackfluencer’s post, you’ll find this in the freezer section at Walmart. It appears that they’re (hot) chocolate-flavored cookies adorned with both chocolate chunks and bits of marshmallow in an attempt to transform winter’s best (non-alcoholic) beverage into a solid, chewy treat. Beyond that, not much is known about them other than that you can bake up to 12 cookies at once, but if you’d rather just have one at a time to function as a sort of baking-based advent calendar, that’s totally an option as well.

In case you want to enjoy something made by Great Value without wading into a debate about the appropriate time to start holiday-themed baking, @Snackgator’s post shows that some non-denominational Triple Chocolate Frozen Cookie Dough is also on sale. They seem to resemble wonderful chocolate chip cookies with some white chocolate chips to jazz things up.

So if you hate the thought of Halloween baking and would rather skip right to Christmas, well, it seems like that’ll be an option at Walmart soon enough. Maybe just don’t serve these with a Santa hat on until after Thanksgiving. 

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