If you’ve been a person who prefers a crunchy chicken sandwich over a hamburger when you go on a fast-food run, dare I say you’ve been thriving over the past few years (well, at least in this respect!). And though we’ve been lucky to try a ton of different chicken sandwiches as they’ve hit the market, we still get plenty excited when a new one comes to town, and KFC’s new offering is no exception. We got to try both versions of the chicken sandwich recently and guys, it’s definitely worth buying for yourself.
The first thing you’ll notice about this chicken sandwich is that it’s MASSIVE. It’s made with a quarter-pound of white meat chicken that’s double breaded and once you get your hands on a sandwich, you’ll feel just how much chicken that actually is. In short, it’s thick. It’s like a little, delicious hand-weight. Each version of the sandwich also sites on a pillowy bun that is also a delight to behold and eat.
Biting in, the middle of the chicken sandwich is not as crunchy as we might have hoped, but the sides DEFINITELY are, so we’re chalking that up to the delivery time. The chicken itself tastes just like classic KFC chicken (so in a word: delicious). It’s impossible to choose which version we like better—classic or spicy—but I will say if you like the burn, the spicy version is certainly for you. The spicy sauce on that form of the sandwich packs some major heat.
All in all, we thought about comparing this to some of the other chicken sandwiches out there, but honestly, it would be like comparing apples and oranges. I don’t think you need to choose a favorite to know there is something really special about this one! I almost think we need a personality test, but for chicken sandwiches. Most are objectively delicious but which one you’re in the mood for will depend on a lot of things.
For instance, this chicken sandwich is perfect for those who are really hungry (again, it’s huge!), love a great bun (again, it’s glorious!) or really want something spicy (go for the spicy version and maybe even ask for extra sauce?). Plus, if you’re looking for a place that will let you get mashed potatoes along with your sandwich…you can’t go wrong with KFC!

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