Even if you’re not going anywhere this Halloween, you can definitely still wear a costume. Let’s face it…you only ever dress up so that you could snap a cute Instagram and pen a punny caption about it. I’m onto you!! In that spirit, you only have a few more weeks to figure out your Halloween costume, but thankfully, I found it for you and it’s…a big box of Franzia.
The angels behind this cult-favorite boxed wine have created giant, wearable boxes of their wines that will look great while you bob for apples via Zoom. The costumes are available in two different types: Franzia Chillable Red and Franzia Sunset Blush. They are thankfully also a lot more comfortable than a giant cardboard box and are actually made of a soft-sided material you can dance to the “Monster Mash” in. They even have little spouts on the side. SO CUTE.
These are both available for purchase right now on Franzia’s website and are only $25 each which is TRULY a steal. At this point, it doesn’t make sense for you NOT to purchase it. Can you imagine how happy you’ll be slapping a bag of Franzia while wearing one of these costumes? BLISS. Or, you know, pouring yourself a nice glass of wine like a real adult. Sure. That too.
If you’re still not in the mood for costumes, Franiza has a ton of other chic wine-related items in their new online shop from socks to a backpack that will actually hold a whole box of Franzia in it. Happy shopping!!

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