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A personal trainer has detailed an exercise routine Britons can do at the gym to tone the stomach and help shed belly fat.

London-based personal trainer Aimee Victoria Long discussed training this area with Express.co.uk.

Aimee’s workout is applicable to those who have access to a gym and are able to work out with weights.

The circuit involves and cable machine, and should have your abdominals burning in no time.

She created an at home abs exercise routine and shared it in another piece with Express.co.uk. 

Aimee’s abs exercise routine with weights

Cable crunch: 20 repetitions

A cable crunch is a type of crunch using a cable machine.

To perform one, kneel in front of a machine. Grip the rope of the machine with both hands and hold it above your head.

Then, while keeping your arms still, squeeze your bully muscles and crunch, pulling your shoulders towards your pelvis.

Farmer’s carry: 30 meters

A farmer’s walk is performed holding a weight in each hand and walking. Aimee advises to “go heavy” with the weights.

Choose a set of fairly heavy dumbbells and stand up straight.

Then walk forwards, focusing on engaging your stomach muscles.

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Cable Pallof press: 30 seconds each side

This move is also using the cable machine. Use a handle attachment on the cable.

Then, stand side-on to the machine. With your feet hip-width apart, grasp the hand with both hands and hold the handle straight out in front of you.

Keeping your body and arms still, twist away from the machine. Hold the position and then gently twist back to the starting position.

Cable wood chops: 10 reps each side

To perform cable wood chops, also use the handle attachment.

Stand side on to the machine again. Pivot your body towards the machine, keeping your hips and feet straight.

Holding the arms straight, position your hands a little higher than your shoulders.

In one movement, pull your arms – still straight – across your body to hip height.diet ifl

Rest for 90 seconds before completing 3 rounds total.

As well as following Aimee’s workout, nutrition has a part to play in creating six-pack abs.

Aimee said: “If you nail down your nutrition and are able to reduce your body fat combined with these core strengthening workouts you should have a core to be proud of.

“You’ll be able to see those abs coming through.

“One last point. Make sure you’re drinking enough water.

“If you’re dehydrated your body will hold onto water making you look fluffier without actually having higher body fat levels.

“Drink 2.5 litres of water a day minimum to allow for proper bodily function.”

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