Adrian Chiles is a presenter who has hosted shows including The One Show, Daybreak and Match of the Day 2. Tonight, he will take part in the celebrity version of the BBC quiz show, Pointless. Over the years, Adrian managed to shed three stone by changing his lifestyle and cutting one food group from his diet. He revealed ditching foods high in carbs helped him loose a staggering amount of weight.

I lost three stone four years ago by cutting out bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.

Adrian Chiles

In the past, Adrian has opened up about his battles with his weight and revealed what he did to slim down by three stone.

Speaking to The Guardian, he explained cutting out carbs helped him shape up.

He said: “I lost three stone four years ago by cutting out bread, potatoes, rice and pasta.”

By ditching foods high in carbs, the television host noticed a huge transformation in his weight.

Adrian explained changing his diet plan made the biggest difference as he already exercised regularly.

“I didn’t look it, but I was about 17st. I ran marathons at 17st, so exercise on its own doesn’t help,” he added.

However, despite managing to shape up, Adrian admitted he still struggles with what he eats.

When asked if he was healthy, he said: “Healthier than I look, but not as healthy as I should be.

“I do quite a lot of exercise, but I eat a fair amount of rubbish and drink too much.”

Following a low carb diet plan can help people slim down by reducing hunger. 

An expert revealed ditching foods high in carbs and sugar can help burn fat and dieters can loose up to 10 pounds in one week.

Following the plan would involve removing foods such as bread, rice, pasta, high sugar fruit and sweet treats from the diet.

Instead, slimmers can stay feeling full by eating foods such as meats, fish, eggs, dairy and non-starchy vegetables.

One woman followed the high fat and low carb keto diet plan to lose an astounding 9st 13lb.

She explained following the plan and combining it with regular exercise helped her drop the weight in just one year. 

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