Anne Diamond is a broadcaster who began her TV career on BBC West and has since hosted shows such as Good Morning Britain.  She often appears as a panelist on the ITV show, Loose Women, and has also worked on radio.  Over the years, Anne has publicly battled with her weight and slimmed down after hitting 15st.  What changes did she make to get her new slim figure?

Anne Diamond weight loss: This is how the TV star slimmed down

Anne appeared on the weight loss show, Celebrity Fit Club, after she hit 15st back in 2006.

On the show, she had to complete a number of physical challenges and was weighed to track her transformation.

However, Anne quit after it was revealed she had been fitted with a gastric band.

The broadcaster said: “I’d tried every diet you can imagine. Nothing worked. I went to Belgium to have a gastric band and they didn’t fit it right.”

When this didn’t work, Anne decided to change her attitude towards food to help her slim down.

Weighing in at 15st, the TV star opted for a second gastric band in the UK to help her with her weight, but revealed how this impacted her.

Despite the surgery helping her kick-start her weight loss she explained that it also had some damaging effects on her.

Speaking on Loose Women in 2017, she said: “As everybody knows I’ve been down that path and all these years later and while it helps, it’s helped hugely – I think without it I would be the size of a house.

“I would never argue against surgery, but I’m just saying there are pitfalls in it that you don’t even think about and I don’t love food any more.”

Since then, Anne has since managed to slim down to a trim size 12/14 and said her gastric band helped her change her mindset about food.

Although this has worked for her, during her discussion on Loose Women, the star encouraged others to think carefully before going down the same route.

Another TV star who has recently shared his weight loss transformation is singer and presenter, Olly Murs, 34.

The Voice UK coach revealed he switched up his exercise plan and is said to tuck into a large helping of scrambled eggs in the morning. 

Fitness mogul, Lucy Mecklenburgh, 27, revealed some tricks to help dieters beat bloating and have the appearance of a flat stomach.

She said drinking peppermint tea can help slim down the waistline. 

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