Even though it has been used for cooking and medicine for centuries, in recent years apple cider vinegar has become a popular thing to drink in the quest for a range of health benefits. From weight loss to lowering blood sugar levels, great claims have been made. But when should you drink apple cider vinegar? Is it meant to be gulped down in the morning or at night?

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is natural ingredient used in cooking, and it has many potential health benefits.

It’s made by mixing apples and yeast to make alcohol, and then fermenting this into acetic acid.

Many people drink it or mix it into food to reap these benefits since the taste is too strong for most to drink alone.

An article by Harvard Medical School states: “It can be consumed in small quantities or taken as a supplement.

“Its high levels of acetic acid, or perhaps other compounds, may be responsible for its supposed health benefits.

“Although recommendations for “dosing” vary, most are on the order of 1 to 2 teaspoons before or with meals.”

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What is apple cider vinegar good for?

Unfortunately, little research has been done on apple cider vinegar, and more studies are needed in order to prove how effective the stuff really is.

A few studies have shown that ACV lowers blood sugar levels, a miracle for people with diabetes.

It also might help you shift that extra weight, as several studies have given evidence that ACV increases feelings of fullness, causing you to eat less.

Because skin is slightly acidic, if you gently rub apple cider vinegar on your problem areas it should help to rebalance your skin’s natural pH and improve its protective barrier.

It’s also antibacterial, so if you suffer from acne or acezma, this might settle it.

The article confirmed: “For thousands of years, compounds containing vinegar have been used for their presumed healing properties.

“It was used to improve strength, for “detoxification,” as an antibiotic, and even as a treatment for scurvy.

“While no one is using apple cider vinegar as an antibiotic anymore (at least, no one should be), it has been touted more recently for weight loss.

What time of day should you drink Apple cider vinegar?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning is better than drinking it at night or vice versa.

If you are hoping to lose weight, though, you should try drinking diluted apple cider vinegar just before you eat a meal to make you feel full- that’s how most people are achieving results.

It is also said that the vinegar helps to break down any starches that are eaten after you have drunk it.

It is important not to drink it without diluting it with water, as straight ACV can damage your esophagus and teeth.

The pungent taste will be enough to put you off that, anyway!

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Should you drink apple cider vinegar in the morning?

If you drink apple cider vinegar in the morning, it could aid your digestion during the day- getting rid of that bloated an uncomfortably full feeling.

However, if you have ever smelt or sipped ACV before, you will know how unappealing it is.

Drinking it can leave you feeling nauseous for a while after, and not many people can stomach it.

Pour a glass of water and add no more than 2 tablespoons of ACV and see how you feel.

It’s not for everyone and there isn’t enough evidence to say this is a MUST, but if it makes you feel light on your feet then keep it up!

Should you drink apple cider vinegar at night?

Switching your nightcap to a glass of diluted ACV is just as controversial.

Some experts say it’s a great idea because it helps to drop your blood sugar levels overnight, and some claim it helps you sleep when mixed with hot water and honey.

Other positives that make sense include healing a sore throat; since ACV is antibacterial, it can help to get rid of badbacteria in your throat.

If you’re prone to tonsilitis and infections in this area, you might have found your saviour.

For the same reasons, ACV does a great job at preventing stinky morning breath if you drink it before bed.

Once again, there is very little proof that ACV can do all of this for anyone who tests it out…but it’s worth a try, right?

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