Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples by crushing them and squeezing out the liquid. However different vinegars include different ingredients, all of which benefit the body in different ways. Emily Rollason, nutritionist for Holland & Barrett has shared with the what ’The Mother’ is and the benefits of the added protein.

She says: “You may have heard of apple cider vinegar as the latest health trend from multiple celebrities, but not all ACVs are made the same.

“The key to the natural remedy’s health benefits is within a cobweb-like mass called ‘The Mother’.”

This is believed to be a natural protein that contains healthy bacteria.

Emily continues: “It may make you feel a little squeamish, but if you look closely at your bottle, you can see Mother. It’s the cloudy substance floating in some bottles of vinegar, which you may previously have thought is a sign your new health drink may have gone off!

“But don’t throw it away, the Mother is believed to be rich in health-boosting natural protein, healthy bacteria and acetic acid.

“The substance forms naturally as raw organic vinegar ferments, producing a murky, brownish vinegar. If the vinegar you’ve bought looks crystal clear, be wary, this could mean it’s been filtered and pasteurised to remove The Mother and most of its nutrients.”

But what does ‘The Mother’ provide to the body?

The nutritionist explains: “Like other fermented foods, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar contains healthy bacteria – the gut-friendly bacteria that helps to keep your digestive system working properly, essential for weight management.”

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When overeating or consuming foods that are hard for the body to break down, digestion slows and the waste gets compacted within the body.

This is why having a healthy digestive system is super important for those wanting to lose weight.

Emily continues: “If you’re prone to cravings and sugar crashes on a weight loss plan, apple cider vinegar containing the Mother could also help to balance things out for you.

“Keeping your blood sugar levels in check is important and studies have shown that the acetic acid found in cider vinegar could be beneficial.

“In fact, drinking 4 teaspoons of vinegar before a high-carb meal helped to prevent blood sugar spikes.”

Only a small amount of vinegar is needed to show results and it has been proven to help reduce body weight.

One tablespoon which is around 15ml of vinegar contains about three calories and no carbohydrates.

Apple cider vinegar can also help curb sugar cravings which will help in the weight loss journey and reduce the temptation for snacking throughout the day.

The nutritionist explains how apple cider vinegar with ‘The Mother’ can help support your immune system.

She says: “There’s a whole range of healthy bacteria at play inside apple cider vinegar with the mother, which studies have shown could help support the effective functioning of your immune system.”

A healthy immune system is also very important for those wanting to lose weight.

However, the vinegar isn’t just used for weight loss, it can also benefit skin and hair.

The nutritionist says: “Facial steaming opens your pores and helps to clear impurities, and adding apple cider vinegar takes cleansing to the next level.

Emily explains: “So there you have it, if you’re on a weight loss regime or a health kick and see a cloudy substance in your newly bought Apple Cider Vinegar, don’t throw it away! The Mother is the secret ingredient allowing your wonder ingredient to do its thing.”

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