Joe Wicks on his childhood influencing workouts and fitness

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Slimmers do not need to spend hours and hours in the gym in order to see weight loss results. Wellness Psychologist Ieva Kubiliute spoke exclusively to about how to shed fat fast at home with simple exercises.

A gym membership may be some slimmers’ cup of tea, but not everyone wants to pay their way to a toned physique.

Ieva shared just three simple weight loss exercises that people can try at home for fast and easy weight loss.

“From my experiences, slimmers can practice these five to 10 minute simple workouts daily for weight loss benefits.”

She explained that these exercises would reap “rapid” results for those who try them.

Forget the stair master – all slimmers need for the first exercise are their stairs at home.

“Running up and down your staircase for 10 minutes daily is a form of cardio exercise that supports fat and calorie burning for weight loss.”

The second daily exercise she suggested for fast fat burning was called half jumping jacks.

She described this exercise as “one of the best and easiest way to promote weight loss and reduction of abdominal fat”.

This is definitely one for perimenopausal women to try, as this event often results in sudden weight gain around the tummy area.

Ieva explained: “To get in position, lie down on your posterior placing your arms on both sides with the feet level but bent at the knee.

“Raise your hips while clutching your bum till the lower body and upper body form a sloping straight edge.”

This exercise can be repeated between 10 and 20 times.

Ieva’s final fast fat burner tip was to incorporate brisk walking into your day.

This is a “simple and effective exercise that can speed up fat burning for weight loss”.

It can be done on the way to work, walking the dog or running errands.

Better yet, turning that brisk walk into a jog will increase the number of calories you burn.

Losing weight is a journey and exercise can feel intimidating for those who aren’t used to it.

But Ieva provided an important tip for making weight loss “less daunting”.

“I recommend you set clear realistic weight goals and have an effective weight loss diet plan.”

She continued: “Lose weight for health reasons, avoid any negative body issues, get sufficient sleep, stick to your weight loss strategy and exercise with people who motivate you to achieve your targets.”

Ieva Kubiliute is a Wellness Psychologist.

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