Weight loss is hard to achieve but those who have successfully slimmed down can be quick to share their transformations. One Reddit user posted pictures of her before and after losing weight to the site and revealed the diet plan which helped her shape up. The user “doneitdan” opened up about how she slimmed down from a huge 20st 10lb to a healthy 13st 8lb. She said she met her goals by following a keto diet plan and using intermittent fasting.

I did keto with intermittent fasting strictly for the first eight months.

Reddit user

As well as sharing her transformation, the social media user revealed she is 34-years-old and 5ft 7in.

“doneitdan” also told dieters it took her nine months to lose the excess weight and she used a combination of diet plans.

She said: “I did keto with intermittent fasting strictly for the first eight months. I’m a bit more lax now as my body is processing food more efficiently but still stick to a mainly low carb diet.”

The slimmer also revealed she incorporated exercise into her lifestyle to stay healthy.

The Reddit user said: “The rest was exercise. I started slow – working out at lunch at the gym at my office.”

“I started by hiking on weekends too. Then I started adding running in the mornings at work, weights at lunch. I got into Rucking and added weight to my hikes,” she continued.

“If I know I’m going to have a super active day – 12 plus Rucking miles or so – then I’ll eat more.”

Those who follow the keto plan must eat a low-carb and high-fat diet in order to slim down.

Many people opt to limit themselves to 25 grams of net carbs a day which is thought to help the body enter into a state called ketosis, which promotes fat loss.

Keto-Friendly foods include meats, fish, eggs, avocados and non-starchy fruits.

The slimmer, “doneitdan” combined this with an intermittent fasting diet plan.

This requires dieters to limit the times in which they eat in a bid to boost their metabolism. 

Some may choose to limit their calorie intake on certain days of the week or only eat between certain times of the day.

Doing this is thought to help slimmers naturally reduce the number of calories they eat.

Adding more protein into the diet can help people burn fat fast by helping them stay fuller for longer. 

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