To drop a few pounds, it can be helpful to look to those who have already lost weight for tips. One woman shed a staggering amount of weight after changing her diet plan. What did she eat?


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As a busy mother-of-four, Katy North, 39, was used to putting her children first.

While she had occasionally lost weight over the years, the slimmer struggled to keep it off as life got in the way.

After meeting her partner, she noticed the weight pile on as she enjoyed meals out.

Katy said: “After meeting Martyn, my weight slowly crept back on, as we enjoyed meals out and going on holiday.

“Although we had a great time, I was over-indulging, and my weight suffered. I then fell pregnant with my fourth child, Alice.

“My pregnancy came at the same time as moving to a new house, making the whole process incredibly stressful. Again, I turned to food for comfort.”

After deciding enough was enough, Katy signed up for her local slimming group.

Having lost weight with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan before, the slimmer decided to give it another go.

“I was determined to finally lose the baby weight,” Katy explained, “that’s when I found Karen, my consultant.

“Since then I’ve never looked back. Karen really has turned my life around – she’s my rock, friend and mentor.”

What did she eat?

On the 1:1 Diet plan, slimmers can tuck into meal replacement foods chosen by a consultant.


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The website states: “Pick from our range of delicious, nutritionally balanced meal replacement food. Tuck into hearty porridge, mouth-watering spag bol or Thai noodles, shakes, smoothies, bites, and so much more.

“All calorie-controlled, all crammed with the nutrients you need and all full of flavour.”

Katy noticed the weight fall off and before long she had lost a whopping 3st 7lb.

Not only did she manage to slim down, the dieter explained the plan helped boost her confidence.

She added: “This year I’m celebrating a milestone birthday, and also getting married.

“My weight loss has given me back my confidence, and I know I’ll be feeling ‘fab at 40’.

“I can’t wait to walk down that aisle something which previously filled me with dread, with all eyes on me.”

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