The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has left Britons staying at home as they self-isolate. While this has got in the way of many diet and exercise plans, slimmers do not need to give up hope altogether. A personal trainer revealed the best ways to stay fit while at home.


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The government has warned Britons to stay indoors as much as possible and gyms have been closed across the country.

This has got in the way of many people’s fitness routines but they can still stay healthy, Vicky Fleetwood, England Rugby World Cup winner and OPRO Mouthguards brand ambassador, explained.

Speaking to, she shared five tips on how to stay fit and healthy during this time.


There are plenty of at-home workouts available for free online no matter what level you are at which dieters can take advantage of.

“No need to worry if you’re a novice,” Vicky explained.

“Many online home workouts include easy exercises with bodyweight or minimal kit, some doing live broadcasts that you can follow along to as if you’re in a class.”


It can be tempting to constantly snack while stuck at home but dieters should try and resist.

In order to keep fitness goals on track, they should try to keep a routine and focus on healthy eating.

Having more time in the house can be an opportunity to improve eating habits, the expert suggested.

Vicky explained: “Take this time to make changes to your current eating habits.

“Understandably this may be difficult as you’re closer than ever to the fridge and cupboards full of snacks, but whilst everyone is going crazy over buying pasta and rice, there is still plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on the shelves.

“With more time on your hands, there can be no excuse not to use these to cook healthier meals!”


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Stay motivated

It can be difficult to stay motivated with everyone adapting to a drastic change in their routine, but doing so is important for keeping fitness goals on track.

“The importance of motivation is pivotal right now with personal trainers around the globe championing that narrative by recording ‘home workouts’ to access online,” she added.

Create a routine

Creating a new routine and sticking to it can be a great way not to lose any fitness progress.

The expert said: “Try and add these home workouts into your daily routine.

“Either before you start work – so it’s done before you sit down at your laptop to start your workday, or once you’ve finished – giving you something to look forward to.”

Practice mindfulness

Vicky added: “Take ten minutes out of your day to meditate. Whilst working from home, you may find it increasingly difficult to distinguish when you’ve finished working and when it’s time to switch off.

“There are plenty of downloadable apps, and this can be done at the end of your workday, or even on your ‘lunch break’.”

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