It’s that time of year again, when the creepy crawlies, ghosts, ghouls and goblins come out to tempt you away from your diet with their sweet treats. Also known as the spookiest of holidays, Halloween. So, what can you do to indulge in the treats without feeling guilty? A Halloween themed workout of course!



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Halloween can often be perceived as the naughtiest of dates in a slimmers diary. 

With pumpkin pies, sweet treat galore and a few chocolate cakes here and there, it can be a nightmare to keep motivation high to exercise. 

Daria Kantor, CEO and founder of TruBlue said: “As the nights draw in and it gets darker sooner, people can find it harder to find the will to work out. Halloween can be a time where motivation to exercise is at a low.

“Halloween [after all] is a time to enjoy some sweet treats. Thats why keeping up an exercise regime that is both fun and motivating is so important.”

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TruBe, London’s leading On-Demand Fitness app, who allow customer access to the largest network of on-demand personal trainers, have put together a fun and motivating exercise routine that you can do from the comfort of your home, after all, one day off from the gym won’t hurt – right?

Daria said: “Halloween workouts should be fun and easy. This can be as simple as walking with the kids while they’re out trick or treating.”

If you want to spice up your traditional workout regime, why not try the Halloween special?


Three reps of the below:

10 squat with pumpkin

13 press up dunk apples

Walk the plank challenge (hold for a minute)

Flying bat (make flapping movement with two 5kg dumbbells in hands for one minute)

Zombie alive (straight leg sit-ups x20)

Creepy crawlies (sprawls x15)

Chloe Twist, a qualified Personal Trainer from OriGym Centre of Excellence said: “If you’re looking for an intense and well-rounded workout to try in the gym this Halloween, our personal favourite here at OriGym is the PUMPKIN workout.”

P – Push-Ups 

Push-ups are a scary one to start with, as pretty much everyone finds them taxing (even those who workout twice daily). However, they’re a great full-body workout and you’ll be glad to know that this workout only requires ten of them (in the first circuit, at least…) 

REPS: 10

U – Upright Rows 

Your arms may be a little sore from the push-ups, but it is a Halloween workout after all. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to work your biceps, trapezius, and deltoids. 

Upright rows are great for the upper body and are a nice addition to bicep curls if you want to switch up the muscles that you’re working. 

REPS: 10

M – Mountain Climbers

If you think that mountain climbers are an easier alternative to push-ups, then you’ve probably never tried them before…

They cover many main muscle groups, and some of the muscles worked include the abs, obliques, glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, back, deltoids and triceps. 

REPS: 20 (it’s getting scary now) 


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P – Prowler Sled Push 

Following the theme of exercises that attack your entire body, we chose the prowler sled push as the second ‘P’ in the pumpkin workout. 

This time, the full-body exercise isn’t just relying on your own bodyweight. You’ll have to shift whatever weight you choose to load the sled with!

REPS: Perform 2 x 40 yards 

K – Kneeling Rope Slam 

Battle rope slams are deceiving. Kneeling rope slams are even more so. They may look easy on the surface, but trust us, they’re extremely deceptive. 

With this exercise, you’ll blast your arms and core, especially since you’re taking the pressure off your lower body. 

REPS: 15 slams 

I – Inverted Row 

Another upper-body blast is the inverted row, which will work your forearms, biceps, and your grip strength (which we haven’t mentioned yet). Grip strength is an important indicator of your overall health, and will certainly help you out if you’re into sports or powerlifting.

REPS: 10

N – Narrow Squats 

You may be used to barbell squats, but have you tried narrowing your stance before? If not, this is a brilliant exercise that can work wonders for your quadriceps. Remember: always perform them inside a squat rack! 

REPS: 10 

There you have it; that’s the end of the pumpkin workout, unless you want to make things truly scary. It wouldn’t be Halloween without taking your fitness to the next level. 

If you want to make things more difficult, perform the workout for another circuit or two, and see just how scary (but amazing for your health) it can be. 

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