Keto diet: Doctor explains health benefits of the food plan

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Mr Johnson posted a video on his Twitter account on Thursday to announce that the Government is investing £100million into services to “get the country healthier”. As well as sharing this news, Mr Johnson also revealed that he is attempting to become healthier too.

In the video, Mr Johnson said that he was doing everything he could to “feel fitter and healthier”.

He explained: “I’ve been eating less carbs, avoiding chocolate, no more late-night cheese, all that kind of thing.

“I’ve been getting up early to go for runs,” he added.

Mr Johnson revealed that because of his new diet and fitness regime, he has lost a little weight already.

“I actually have lost some weight,” the Prime Minister said.

“Quite a lot by my standards, and I feel much more energetic, I feel full of beans, and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it.”

He added: “And I know there are many people who are in the same sort of position as I am, and as I was, and who want to lose weight.”

Cutting out carbs, like Mr Johnson, or following a low-carb diet, is a good option for anyone who wants to lose weight.

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Eating fewer carbs and more foods containing fats and proteins is beneficial for weight loss as it can reduce your appetite.

This type of diet is also known as the ketogenic diet.

Low carb and ketogenic diets can be helpful for people with diabetes and insulin resistance as studies have proved that cutting carbs lowers both blood sugar and insulin levels drastically, according to Healthline.

Other advantages of a low carb diet are that it may lower blood pressure and improve your cholesterol.

Foods to eat as part of a low carb or keto diet include meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, high-fat dairy, and healthy oils.

It is important to avoid sugar, wheat, and highly processed foods.

Healthline recommended eating cheese as it is high in fat but low in carbs, however Mr Johnson revealed that it benefited him to eat less cheese, particularly at night.

If you do eat a lot of dairy products, like cheese, cutting them out of your diet may result in weight loss.

However, when you eat does not make a difference to your weight: it is simply a myth that eating late at night will make you put on weight.

What and how much you eat will affect your weight, not when you eat.

Sports nutritionist Luke Worthington emphasised this when speaking to, saying: “Eating more calories than you expend on a consistent basis makes you put on weight. The time of day doesn’t matter.

“If restricting the window of time within which you eat helps as a tactic to manage over consumption, then it can be a useful tool,” he added.

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