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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looked marvellous over the weekend as she celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – but how does she do it? An expert spoke to Express.co.uk about the royal’s healthy diet.

The future Queen Consort does not follow a strict diet and enjoys her food.

Despite access to all the Michelin star cuisine she wants, the royal told You Magazine that some of her favourites are baked beans on toasts and fish and chips.

However, despite treating herself to tasty treats now and again, Camilla is extremely partial to the healthy stuff too.

She enjoys gardening with her husband but says they can be “quite competitive about our fruit and vegetables”.

When Camilla’s children were growing up the family had a kitchen garden, so the Duchess has always had a love of fresh, nutritious ingredients.

Daniel Herman, a nutritionist, personal trainer and founder of Bio-Synergy, previously spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Camilla’s eating habits.

He told Express.co.uk: “Both Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are advocates of sustainability and British farming.

“As such, I would imagine that her diet comprises of many traditional yet healthy meals such as eggs, lamb, chicken, fish and fresh vegetables, as they certainly have access to some of the best organic food that the UK produces.”

These foods are great as part of a protein-rich, fibrous diet.

Camilla’s age also needs to be taken into account to understand her diet.

Calcium is key for over-70s, according to the expert, so Camilla likely eats a lot of dairy.

It is an “incredibly important food group” for people of this age, Daniel revealed.

For fellow septuagenarians (those between 70 and 79 years old), the expert recommends drinking milk, which “gives you nearly all the calcium you need”.

Dairy is also an excellent source of Vitamin D.

But Daniel added a caveat.

Due to our climate many people do not get enough Vitamin D, and with age it gets more difficult for the body to make Vitamin D naturally by being out in the sun.

So the expert revealed that it’s likely the Duchess takes a Vitamin D3 supplement.

Prince Charles is a fishing fan, so it is also likely the couple enjoy a healthy fish dish.

Oily fish is high in protein and also Omega-3, and is a great component of a healthy or weight loss diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also good for heart health.

The Prince of Wales set up Duchy Organics, which suggests that the couple opts for organic produce.

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