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Weight loss goals can be hard to reach but looking to others can be a great way to get motivation. Dibsy appeared on This Morning to share an update about his transformation.

The slimmer found fame after dropping 19 stone to improve his health.

Previously weighing in at 40 stone, he would fill up junk food and takeaways.

His unhealthy diet plan consisted of around 11,000 calories a day, nearly five times what is recommended for men by the NHS.

After piling on the weight for years, Dibsy was inspired to change his lifestyle when doctors told him it could cause serious health problems.

The slimmer then enlisted the help of personal trainer Mike Hind.

Notably, Mike handed out leaflets to local takeaways asking them not to serve Dibsy.

How did he lose weight?

Dibsy swapped junk food for meals on a diet plan created by Mike.

He also began to workout three days a week and shed 19 stone in just 11 months.

The slimmer has documented his transformation on This Morning, regularly appearing on the show to share updates.

Today, he appeared on the show with his personal trainer to share how the coronavirus lockdown affected his goals.

The coronavirus pandemic has meant many Britons spent many months of the year at home.

Gyms have also been closed for long periods of time and lots of people have had to change their exercise regime.

Dibsy explained his diet and exercise regime changed during this period.

“I was around about 20st or 20st 7lb. Then lockdown hit and my world was turned upside down,” Dibsy said.

“The first two or three weeks I managed it, but then old habits started to creep in. The gyms were closed and I couldn’t train the way I wanted to train.”

Previously working out up to two times a day, Dibsy was forced to change his routine.

As he could no longer meet up with his personal trainer, the slimmer noticed the weight starting to creep on.

But as lockdown restrictions have eased, he has started to get back on track for his weight loss goals.

The dieter revealed he is continuing to get into shape by training with Mike and another partner.

“My aim now is to get this weight back off,” the dieter told presenters.

“Just keep chipping away at it over Christmas, I have all the plans put in place and I’ve learned from the last lockdown.

“Now we’re just going to have a better 2021.”

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