Lorraine’s Ria Hebden revealed to be joining Dancing On Ice

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Dancing on Ice is set to return to our screens in January next year. Express.co.uk spoke to TV Presenter, Ria Hebden, best known for sharing entertainment on ITV’s Lorraine, to see how she’s preparing for it.

From watching Dancing on Ice on TV to chatting about it on Lorraine “all the time”, it’s a full circle moment for Ria Hebden. 

She said: “I love to watch it on telly, it’s ITV’s sparkliest show.”

Ria broke the news on Instagram a few days before the full line-up of celebrities were officially announced.

Befittingly clad in a glamorous gold sparkly dress, she captioned the photo saying that she “can’t wait” to get her skates on.

The following day she had a big reveal live on Lorraine where she works as the Entertainment Presenter.

Ria said: “It was really special to break the news on Lorraine.”

The superwoman is currently juggling presenting on Lorraine and All Around Britain, and has already started her second week of training for Dancing on Ice. She thanks her hectic schedule for helping her keep fit.

Ria said: “Last week we were in Gloucestershire filming and then I was rushing back to ice skating training.”

The training so far consists of being taught the “basic fundamentals”, and Ria is “enjoying the process”.

She admitted that she cannot skate very well after being taught how to skate at Bradford Ice Rink in Yorkshire as a child, and has not had any professional dance training but she’s “most definitely got rhythm”.

Nonetheless, her lack of ice skating experience does not discourage her, in fact Ria finds it “empowering” as she states that “as a woman it’s important to put yourself forward”. 

The support she has received also helps to motivate her, with many people from her hometown sending messages that they also learnt how to skate at that very same ice rink in Bradford. 

Her sister who she calls her “hype girl” jokingly told her “don’t let the family down”.

Prior to taking to the rink, Ria is very much a yogi after an impressive 15 years of yoga under her belt. 

The ancient form of exercise focuses on strength, flexibility and posture, which will most definitely come in handy for her Dancing on Ice debut.

She mentioned that she practices “every Sunday at home” and has tried ashtanga, vinyasa flow and most recently hotpod yoga.

Health and fitness is very important to Ria, who last year started doing virtual workouts on YouTube and still commits to them “a couple times a week”.

When it comes to her diet, she mentioned that her husband is “a really good cook” and prepares lots of healthy meals for their family.

Ria added that she drinks “loads of water” and takes ”loads of vitamins”.

Rehearsals begin in two weeks but Ria seems to be very much ready for the challenge.

This begs the ultimate question – who will she be paired up with as a skating partner?

Ria commented that she “does have someone in mind” but “all of them are fantastic” and whoever it is she knows “it’ll be an amazing journey”.

What she knows for sure is that she’s “going to go big with the sparkles” and cannot wait for the “Saturday night glam!”

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