For many slimmers a healthy looking physique is the ultimate goal. Many know that the key to achieving your ideal look is to have a healthy well balanced diet alongside a fitness regime that works well with a slimmers lifestyle. However, with an increase in office based jobs in Britain there is one particular area of the body that is starting to suffer.


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If there’s a slimmer that has a desk job chances are that they’d be sitting in their chair for more than eight hours at a time each day.  While it may do wonders for a person’s career, typing away with minimal movement, sitting still all day has the opposite effect on the buttocks.

Don’t go quitting the desk job yet – Abbie Watkins, qualified personal trainer working for OriGym Centre of Excellence, a UK leading fitness training provider, has a solution for flat (office) butt syndrome.

Abbie Watkins explained: “Booty workouts are important because strong glutes can improve your posture and reduce lower back pain – two things that are really common among people who sit behind a desk for eight hours a day.

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“The majority of office workers have a really sedentary lifestyle, the glutes especially are pretty much inactive when you’re sat in the office.”

Watkins advises to incorporate specific workouts into a regular fitness routine or incorporating more active opportunities throughout the day.

She said: “Try and be as active as possible throughout the day. You can do this by making some simple changes, such as always taking the stairs, walking whilst on the phone or going for a stroll on your lunch break,” she suggested.

For fitness beginners, Watkins recommends following a bodyweight workout plan that can be done anywhere.

Beginner’s booty workout plan

• Bodyweight squats

• Glute bridges

• Donkey kicks

• Fire hydrant

• Glute crab walks

• Curtsy lunges

Watkins said: “For beginners, follow this bodyweight workout that you can do pretty much anywhere. For all of these exercises, do 10-12 reps per set, for three sets.”


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However, for a slightly more advanced fitness enthusiast Watkins recommends incorporating resistance bands and kettlebells into the workout.

Advanced booty workout plan

• Kettlebell goblet squat

• Banded glute crab walks

• Fire hydrant

• Banded single-leg glute bridge

• Kettlebell swings

• Single-leg deadlift (bodyweight)

Watkins said: “For this slightly more advanced booty workout, you’ll need a resistance band and a kettlebell. Again, do 10-12 reps for three sets for each of these exercises.”

According to Watkins, glute bridges are especially useful exercise for office workers.

“Glute bridges have benefits for strengthening your spine and improving hip mobility,” explained Watkins.

“So, regular glute bridges (three sets, 2-3 times a week) can counteract the negative effects of hunching over at your desk, relieve you of lower back pain, and improve your posture,” she recommends.

According to Abbie Watkins, of OriGym Centre of Excellence, glute bridges should be a staple in any booty workout regardless of individual fitness level.

She said: “If you’re a beginner, you can start off with a regular bodyweight glute bridge and then move on to the single-leg variation.

“If you’re more of a regular gym-goer, you can do a resistance band glute bridge which is a really effective progression.

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