Gemma Collins says she has the ‘buzz’ for exercise

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Gemma Collins’ weight has fluctuated since hitting the small screen in 2011, when she catapulted to stardom on The Only Way Is Essex. She has been able to lose weight transform her body by implementing exercise into her life.

The star took to Instagram today and told her 2.2 million followers: “Good morning everyone. I just want to say, this is 41, this is what it looks like!”

In a gorgeous black swimsuit, with a plunging mesh neckline, Gemma celebrated her dramatic weight loss.

Reportedly losing two stone whilst competing in Dancing On Ice 2019, she has now lost even more weight, with reports of a three and a half stone weight loss.

It appears that the star has dropped even more weight in the past few weeks, with Gemma stating: “I’ve been working so hard the past couple of weeks, shaping up.”

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She continued: “I’ve made it to 41. I feel fit. I feel good,” as she thanked her fans for all of their kind birthday wishes.

She credited her most recent weight loss to a big push in the past few weeks: “I’ve been at a spa, I’ve been working out and eating well, I’ve been exercising, and it’s all showing and coming off.”

Her difficulty with losing weight and maintaining healthy habits has not been a secret, with Gemma, also known as “The GC” being very transparent and open with her fans.

Just yesterday, she posted a video of herself struggling to complete a two hour walk.

The video, in which the star repeatedly stated, “I’m going to die” was coupled with a heartfelt caption about how difficult she sometimes finds exercise.

It read: “After two hours walking and loving life I didn’t realise the only way back up was 172 steps!!!! There was no way out!!! Reaching my fitness goals feels great but there’s always that moment when you do feel like you’re going to die.”

She also credited her fiance Rami Hawesh for keeping her going throughout; exercising with a friend or partner is a great way to stay motivated as there’s somebody else relying on you.

Gemma opened up about two conditions she suffers with, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and an underactive thyroid, which make her more susceptible to gaining weight.

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A post shared by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins)

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A post shared by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins)

“Having PCOS and UNDER ACTIVE THYROID I’m always up against it!!!! People don’t realise or sympathise, every day is a struggle with these two conditions.

“But I keep going and I’m very proud of myself because it’s really exhausting and a constant battle.”

She received comments of praise and admiration from her understanding fans, with @zoe_cxoox commenting: “And you still look great after that! I’d be a sweaty mess on the ground. Well done Queen!”

Lisa Hafey added: “That’s incredible! Well done, I feel exhausted just watching you go up those stairs!”

Gemma likes to be versatile with her workouts, and just last week posted a video of her horse riding, alongside the caption: “Giddy up GC. I’m not giving up guys, I know I will master this and I can’t wait to continue with my lessons. It’s nice to have hobbies and again be out amongst nature.”

Earlier this month, she gave her followers a glimpse at her six mile country walk, and stated: “A good walk gets your mind straight – I feel so good.”

The star is not only embarking on a physical journey but a mental one too.

While Gemma Collins can no doubt afford all the gym equipment and personal training sessions she wants (with a net worth of approximately £2.9million, according to Celebrity Net Worth), she advocates for cheap workouts too.

Demonstrating step-ups for her Instagram followers on March 25 2021, Gemma showed fans how to get fit for free.

“Not everyone can have a trainer: get to a park or utilise your home – you can do it everyone.”

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